Rogers has written and directed several successful stage productions.

Guys! Girls!

A group of teens get ready for their high school graduation. While her girlfriends obsess about the dresses they will wear and the boys they will date, Elena is terrified that the one boy whose shown an interest in her, Remer, will find out about her past. Drennan is frightened for grad night too, wondering […]

Treading Water

While most of his friends are just starting their lives, 20 year-old Marcus, recently confined to a wheel chair, feels as if he should give up. Giving up, however, is a luxury he does not have. (2007)

Boy Meets Girl…Friend

A guy can have a best friend who is a girl. Likewise a girl can have a guy who is her BFF. (Best Friend Forever) But what if the guy sees a new girl he likes. Will his BFF help him win this new girl? 2008

Some Kind of Happiness.

A tremendous bond has formed between Kent, 14, and Ellie, 11. They live in a world rich with fantasy but still long for an adoption out of the foster home and into a “real” family. Adam has his life back on track and want to take custody of his daughter but convincing the psychologist seems […]

Really Marvin

Marvin tells stories that seem so real that even the bullies stop to listen. Maybe he can tell a story so convincingly that the girl of his dreams will believe him—and he’s going to have to come up with a good story for her boyfriend as well. (2009)

The Grounding of Donnie Greener

Donnie can’t seem to stay out of trouble. She is grounded for breaking curfew but is determined to sneak out and join her friends anyway. The only problem is, both her moms will be watching out for her. (2010)

The Opposite of Innocence

Garret, Michael, and Katherine create their own world. Garret’s basement is their sanctuary. “Norms” (normal people) are despised. The delicate balance of their love and friendship is broken however, by the arrival of attractive, naïve Randy. 2013